Full Name Responsibility E-mail Telephone Institution
MSc. Marisol Presno Pérez Organizing Committee Executive Secretary asesor.vmp@mined.rimed.cu (+53)7 8383413 Ministry of Education
Specialist Zósima López Ruiz Professional Congress Organizer zosima@palco.cu (+53)7 208 5199
(+53)7 202 6011 al 19, ext. 1510
Havana Convention Center
Mr. Raúl González Castro Professional Exhibition Organizer raulg@palco.cu (+53)7 2087541
(+53)7 2026011 al 19, ext. 1507
Havana Convention Center
Dr. C. Eva Escalona Serrano Scientific Committee Chair eva@dct.rimed.cu (+53)7 2057954 Ministry of Education
MSc. Yuliannela Boza Oramas Responsible Scientific Program pedagogiacuba@rimed.cu (+53)7 2057925 Ministry of Education
Lic. Claudia García Martínez Deputy Director of Market claudia.garcia@central.cbt.tur.cu (+53)7 8362087 Cubatur Travel Agency

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